How to make Vegan Mango Tapioca Dessert

Vegan Tapioca
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Follow the recipe to learn how to make vegan mango tapioca dessert. If you eat vegan or gluten-free you’ll love this pudding-like treat.

The key ingredient of this dish are tapioca pearls; small white balls consisting of 11% water and 89% carbohydrates, with no protein or fat. Tapioca originates from Brazil and is basically a starch extracted from the storage roots of the cassava plant. You can buy the pearls in most of the Asian stores and one pack will last forever.

It’s up to you if you’d like to substitute coconut milk with any other option, such as almond, soy or oat milk. I recommend coconut as it adds nicely to the overall flavour. No matter what milk you will use, keep in mind to keep stirring the tapioca with a whisk to avoid making it stick to the bottom of the pan.

For the topping, if you don’t have a ripe mango at hand, use a jam of your preference (apricot and raspberry taste great as well).



    How to make vegan mango tapioca

    Open the can of coconut milk and set 1/8 cup of it aside. Heat up the remaining milk in a small pot. Add tapioca, maple syrup and vanilla extract and stir continuously to avoid pearls sticking to the pot.

    How to make vegan mango tapioca

    After 20 minutes, once the mix turns into a thicker, pudding-like consistency, remove the pot from the stove. Pour the crème into small bowls and let it cool down a little.

    How to make vegan mango tapioca

    To make the mango topping peel and cut the mango. Add the chunks into a blender and combine with remaining coconut milk and lime juice. Blend briefly and pour over the tapioca pudding. Put the bowls in the fridge for couple of hours and serve chilled. The pudding gets thicker the longer it stays in the fridge but is still tasty and flavourful on the next day.

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